Alarms are an important part of a home security system. They notify you of danger, alert your neighbors, and deter criminals. You may want a variety of alarms on your property that alert you in different ways. Here are some alarms you might want for your home.

Smoke, Carbon Monoxide, And Flood Alerts

It's good to protect your home with a system that can alert you to dangers such as fire, carbon monoxide, and a water leak. The devices can emit a shrill noise to let you know something is wrong and they might send a text to your phone in case you're away from home. These might be monitored so the monitoring company can phone for help or call to check on you when they notice an alarm going off.

Intruder Alarms

You can set these on your door or windows to make a loud noise when someone tries to break in. The sound may send the intruder running, so they can prevent crime as well as protect you from danger. These can also be monitored so you can get help fast if an intruder is breaking into your home. These might be hardwired or wireless. The wireless type is easier for DIY installation.

You could use these alarms for an outdoor shed where you store tools or a detached garage. You could even buy one made for your car that you park in your driveway. These can be set up outdoors or inside. You might want one with a video camera that points at your front door so you can also grab pictures of the intruder.

Motion Detectors

You might want protection inside your house too. These devices detect movement, so if you're sleeping and movement is detected on the stairs, a loud noise would alert you that someone is in the house. This gives you the chance to get to safety, and the noise might scare the intruder away. These are also good for use outdoors, but you'll probably want them to alert you with light rather than sound since outdoor motion detectors might go off when you have company or when wind blows tree branches around.

Medical Alarms

If you're a senior or you have a medical condition, you may want a device you wear as a necklace or bracelet. These send an alert to a monitoring station so you can immediately get help if you fall or have a medical emergency. They can also be used for personal protection since you can push a button and get help if someone is breaking into your home. 

For more information about alarms, contact a local company.