Multi-family residences can be more challenging to make secure since there may be people in and out of the building all day. Tackling the most common security issues can reduce the chances of incidents.

Secure The Perimeter

Sometimes basic security precautions can be the most valuable. Keep the landscape around the building properly kept, such as minimizing large trees and bushes that can become hiding places for potential intruders. Avoid having any shrubs around first-floor windows so occupants can have a clear view around their window.

A well-lit building is also essential. To make matters easier, keep the lights on a timer so they turn on shortly before it becomes dark. Unless the lights have a backup battery, the timer may need to be reset if there is a power outage. Make sure there is adequate lighting inside the building, such as throughout corridors and within stairwells.

Invest In Cameras

Security cameras may not be much of a deterrence, but they can help police in case an incident occurs. Your outdoor cameras should cover the entire property, especially entrances and exits. Inside the building, having cameras at elevators, stairwell entrances, and on each floor should be enough to see people inside the building. It is better to have cameras in discreet locations just in case someone decides to break the camera. Your cameras should also have immediate backup of footage to remote storage, such as the cloud or an off-site server. This will help protect footage in the event of a fire or any other incident that causes damage to the building.

Restrict Access

In the case of apartment buildings, try to limit access to the building whenever possible. This can minimize the number of people who can enter the building that are not residents. An intercom system is a good option so occupants must buzz-up the person at the front door. Some modern intercom systems may use a keypad or key card to allow access to the building. The use of a key card can be a better option since occupants can simply scan their card to enter the building, which might be easier if their hands are full or they are trying to enter the building quickly.

Some systems allow for temporary access codes to be given out to authorized visitors. Remind residents to use discretion when giving out temporary codes to also protect other residents. You should also have the intercom system connected to a security service. If someone tries to break into the main entrance, an alert can be sent to the property manager or a security agency.

Keeping apartment buildings secure requires various tactics not only to minimize the chance of incidents, but help authorities if an incident occurs. Minimizing hiding places and unauthorized access to the building may be the most helpful tactic. For more information, reach out to a security system company near you.