Your business has grown in recent years and so have your security needs. If you need to add an element to your current arrangement, you may be debating either upgrading your electronic system or hiring a security guard. Some security companies offer both options and each has distinctive benefits. You need to analyze all of your options before you make a decision.


Having a uniformed security officer can be a great deterrent to theft and violence. For instance, if the parking lot of your business attracts loiterers and vandals, having a person patrol it regularly can solve much of the problem. Of course, electronic surveillance can identify crime, but it's sometimes after the fact. An actual physical presence may prevent problems rather than correct them later. If you want to monitor visitors or customers at your business, having a security guard at the door can be helpful. Other benefits include having someone onsite who can respond to emergencies, including customer medical issues. A properly trained security guard can take care of all these circumstances, meaning you are free to conduct business without worrying about safety. If you hire a security company that provides guards, you will be relieved of the personnel hassles that stem from interviewing and hiring your own guard.

Surveillance Systems

Proponents of a security system monitored by a security company point out numerous advantages of this arrangement. Your business will be monitored remotely by a team of trained professionals, all hired and trained by the company. Although cameras alone are often effective in deterring some crime, having them monitored adds much more protection. If a break-in occurs, it is noted in real time, and the police can be notified immediately. Experts note that unmonitored cameras are most effective after a business has closed for the evening. They help to deter theft, and they provide objective evidence if a case comes to trial. Eye-witness testimony is notoriously suspect, so having the evidence on tape helps in prosecution. 

When it comes to protecting your business, you have several options. To find out what method will work best for you, consult with a security company, such as Johns Brothers Security, and have them analyze your needs. They can help you weigh the cost of various methods and find one that fits your budget. One thing is for certain: you need adequate protection for your customers, your merchandise, and your employees. Hiring the right security company can take care of all of these issues.