Whether you work away from home or you're going on vacation, the security of your home is extremely important. With home invasions on the rise, it's more imperative than ever for homeowners to be diligent about protecting their house. Security alarm systems and cameras are a good deterrent, but there are other ways you can make sure your home is safe that are simple and easy.

Change Your Door Screws

The metal strike plate attached to the frame of your door is usually installed by a contractor, or you may have changed it yourself with a door knob kit you've purchased at a home improvement store. Unfortunately, the standard strike plate comes with screws that are only an inch or two long, making it very easy for an invader to kick your door in. To fix this issue, change the screws and replace them with three to four inch-long wood screws, making sure they're tightly inserted into the door frame. Use two screws at the top and two at the bottom of the strike plate for added strength. This simple and easy fix can make kicking in a door almost impossible since the screws will hold it in place and keep it secure.

Enlist Some Help

Leaving your lights on while you're away is good, but burglars often watch peoples' homes to see if there are any changes taking place. If they notice your lights have stayed on throughout the day and night, it's a good indicator that no one is home. Ask some friends or family to house sit for you while you're away, or you can hire a professional company who can come and check on your property while you're gone. If you can't find anyone to stay there, at least ask a neighbor if they would be able to bring in your mail and newspaper while you are gone. Any sign that you're not home is a temptation for home invaders to make their move.

Think Outside

Most people don't think about the outside of their home when it comes to security, but you can do some things to make it less inviting for burglars. Trim all shrubs and trees so that criminals won't have anywhere to hide. If you have a shed or garage, make sure you lock it so no one can get in and take ladders to break in through windows. Lock all of your windows, including the upstairs windows to prevent easy entry. Install motion lights that can serve as an excellent deterrent for potential break-ins. Making a few simple, easy changes can help give you peace of mind and make your home more secure. For more help, contact a security company like Home Monitor.