Fire safety and home security are changing all the time. Newer products can now detect sooner when your house has a security or fire issue. The following shows how some of the features of the newest security and fire systems can help prevent the damaging effects of arson, and maybe even help catch the arsonist, too.

Heat Sensor Wires

Security wires once wrapped around window frames to alert homeowners to a possible intruder. When the intruder attempted to lift the window sash to enter the home, an alarm would be triggered by the security wires. As technology advanced, the wires could also send a message to the security box in the house that would then transmit a message to local law enforcement or to the security company who would call the homeowner to verify that there was a break-in.

Now these wires have also become heat sensor wires, triggering a fire alarm the minute the temperature nearby elevates too quickly. When the fire is outside the home, the wires pick up on the heat radiating around the window and through the glass, and may send data signals to your high-tech security box, thus recording some details about the fire that can help the police department's and fire department's investigation.

Cameras That Pivot Towards Rapid Movement

An arsonist usually does not want to be seen or detected when he or she sets fire to someone's home. For this reason, he or she may dart rapidly out of sight to avoid being seen. Newer security cameras have motion sensors which pick up on rapid movements and pivot toward the movement to catch sight of the fleeting object. While this could be somewhat annoying if you have lots of wild rabbits or hares running through your yard at night, it makes up for it by spotting running and darting intruders and potential arsonists too.

Recording Equipment That Records Longer and Uploads Quickly to a Computer

If you really want to catch an arsonist in the act or before he or she even starts a fire, you need plenty of recording hours. Newer security and fire alarm installations have much more recording time and the ability to upload security footage to a computing device so that you can store even more hours of security footage than ever before.  When used in conjunction with self-pivoting, motion-detecting cameras and heat sensor wires, arsonists do not have much of a chance of escaping prison and conviction for their crimes.

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