All children should know what to do in case their home ever catches on fire. And it is your job as a parent to make sure that your child knows what to do. Here are a few fire safety tips you should teach your children.

#1 Close Bedroom Door At Night

Closing the bedroom door at night is one easy step your child can take every day to protect themselves from a fire. Explain to your child that if there were ever a fire in your house, their bedroom door would help keep the smoke and fire out of their room for as long as possible. 

If your child is scared of the dark, invest in a few night lights so that their room can stay bright even when their door is closed at night. 

#2 Keep A Light By The Bed

Next, keep a flashlight by your child's bed. Show your child how to use the flashlight. Explain that if there is ever a fire at night, they can use the flashlight to see where they are going. Show them how they can wave the flashlight so that an adult can spot them and help them.

#3 Familiarize Them With The Fire Alarm

In order to know what to do when the fire alarm goes off, your child needs to be familiar with what it sounds like. Practice turning on your fire alarm and let your child experience what it sounds like inside of their bedroom. If your child is afraid of the alarm, offer them comfort and explain that the alarm is loud to keep them safe and wake them up if they are asleep and there is an emergency. 

#3 Don't Hide

After you show your child what the fire alarm sounds like, be sure to stress to your child that they should not hide if they hear the fire alarm go off. Explain that if they hide, it will be hard for you or for the firefighters to find them and keep them safe. 

#4 Try To Get To Safety

Practice with your child where they should go if they hear the fire alarm go off. Where your child should go largely depends on the layout of your house. Make sure your child knows where they should go and what they should do in case of a fire. Practice this with them until they know the route they should take by heart. 

#5 Call Out For The Firefighter

Finally, seeing a fire fighter all dressed up in their gear can be scary for young children. When firefighters respond to fires, they wear masks and tanks that look different than the typical fire fighter uniform that children associate with that job.

See if a fire department can visit your child's school in full gear and teach them how to respond to a fire. Or see if your local fire department holds any open houses during the year you can take your kids to so that they can see what a firefighter looks like when they are in action.

Most importantly, teach your child that if they ever need to be rescued by a firefighter, the firefighter will mostly like say, "Call out" and when they hear that, they need to yell as loud as they can so that the firefighter can find them and get them to safety. 

It is important that you teach your child what to do in case there is ever a fire in your house at night when they are in their bedroom. Even though your child will most likely never have to use these skills, if the worst ever happens, they will be prepared. 

For more tips and information, talk with a company that installs fire alarms, such as Southern Maine Cabling.