Homeowners have plenty of ways to improve the overall security of their homes, such as reinforcing exterior door hardware, adding alarms to bottom-floor windows, and adopting a dog. However, you do not have to spend money or make a long-term commitment with a dog to better your home's security. It is possible to enjoy better security by getting help from your neighbors. 

Build a Positive Relationship with Them

The first step to getting their assistance is building a positive relationship with them. It is important to get to know your direct neighbors, but you should not hesitate to be friendly with all of them. An easy way to introduce yourself to everyone is by hosting a party, which can easily be done in the form of a potluck.

Let Them Know When You Travel

Once you get to know most or all of your neighbors, you should try to keep in contact with them on a regular basis. It is ideal to inform your neighbors when you are going to travel, especially when no one is going to be in your home. Also, if you plan on having people come over to take care of your pets or to check up on your property, you should tell your neighbors to avoid false alarms.

Talk About Home Security

An easy way to get your neighbors involved with your home's security is by talking about it with them. When you have these conversations, you want to get it across that you are more than willing to look out for your neighbors' properties when they are not around, whether they are at work or on vacation.

Get Their Email and Phone Numbers

To show that you are serious about keeping an eye out for them and to get the same confirmation from them, you should exchange email addresses and phone numbers. When collecting phone numbers, you should get the home phone, work phone, and any cell phones to ensure that you can get in contact with one of the homeowners in case of an emergency.

Keep Your Property Within Line of Sight

It is tough for your neighbors to provide additional home security if they are not able to see your property. For this reason, you want to avoid landscaping or fencing that eliminates their line of sight.

Continuously working to improve your property's security is the best way to protect your family and possessions. Getting your neighbors involved in this process will help you maximize home security. Read more to learn about home security.