Data centers can be tricky to cover in case of a fire; even if you protect the equipment from flames, the added heat can lead to data corruption and loss. Here are some ways to cool your data center down quickly and prevent damage. 

Emergency Shut-Offs

One thing to think about is how you can immediately shut down the fuel for the fire. Emergency power off switches are excellent for electrical fires; they shut off the power supply to the area to de-escalate the fire. These sensors can be set up to be automatically triggered, for instance, when the heat level in the room reaches a critical level. 

Fire Alarm Systems

At the same time, you can hope to get the fire locked down more quickly if you alert the officials in a timely fashion. A modern fire alarm installation can be hooked up to an alert system that will contact the fire department, police, or building supervisors right away in case of an emergency, cutting down the time for response. Of course, it will also create a loud warning blast that will alert anyone in the vicinity, so that they can make sure the appropriate steps are being taken. 

Several Types of Sprinklers

Gas-based sprinklers are the best choice for data center fire suppression, since they will help to keep the level of moisture in the room to a minimum. However, water-based sprinklers aren't out of the question, especially if you choose models that use water mist to keep the saturation in the room low. The main concern with gaseous agents is in the off chance that it won't work; if you have outdated chemicals at the time of the fire or the gaseous agent isn't effective, then water sprinklers will make a great backup. So, a combination of the two types can help you to cover your bases. 


Another thing to think about is how to contain the fire in sections. Firewalls are a good option; if you partition your equipment into different sections protected by firewalls, you may only lose a portion of your data. Hopefully, you have everything backed up on each side of the wall. The firewall will also prevent the fire from escaping into your general office. 

In short, a great system for fire suppression in your data center should include a variety of agents to safeguard against the heat. A fire suppression specialist should be able to help you walk through the different options and combine them in the best way. 

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